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Dr. Leo A. Dal Cortivo

       Forensic Toxicologist

Dr. Leo A. Dal Cortivo was one of the most respected Toxicologists and an expert in forensic science.  Dr. Dal Cortivo served as the Chief Toxicologist and Director of Forensic Science Laboratories in Suffolk County on Long Island, New York from 1960 through 1990. 
Dr. Dal Cortivo served as an expert witness in toxicology for many trial cases.  Most notably, Dr. Dal Cortivo provided expert testimony regarding the “Encrusted Needle” in the Claus Von Bulow appeal trial.  He also authored or co-authored many peer reviewed papers in scientific literature as well as several book chapters.  Dr. Dal Cortivo was also a member of many professional organizations related to his field.
Dr. Dal Cortivo was very passionate about his career in toxicology and loved the study of forensic science.  His dedication to his field lives on through the history of his professionalism and life’s work in toxicology and forensic science. ​


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